A great little speciality train shop in Grimsby with knowledgeable, friendly staff! If they don't have it, they will order it for you. Prices are great and the specials are special! Peter and his staff make a great hobby even better!

“Peter and his staff make a great hobby even better!”

Paul Chapman
I've known Peter for about 20 years now and we've spent many hours jamming and making music with friends. If there is anything I've learned about Peter in those years it is that when he decides to do something, he dives in with full vigor and enthusiasm and tries to do it right. He has done that with Just Train Crazy. I know he loves the hobby, especially exposing the younger ones to the hobby. As a friend and a fellow model railroader, I can honestly say that if you want to get started, or if you need supplies or just want to drop in and talk trains, Peter will make you feel comfortable and take the time to explain things. Drop in, say hi and talk trains.

“Peter will make you feel comfortable and take the time to explain things.”

John Stewart
Being a novice train enthusiast of 7 years, I visited Peter's store and found him to be a wealth of information and knowledge which inspired me to get more interested. He counseled me on what and what not to buy and I followed his advice. Mine is not a big layout and is one which Peter designed and even came to my house to help set it up. That's what I call service!

“That’s what I call service!”

Doug Cassidy
Peter, I would just like to drop a line to you and your customers on how I feel & have been treated at your store. I was very apprehensive about getting back into model railroading but with a couple of visits to your store you made me feel very comfortable & confident that I could build a layout with the room I had and the budget I had in mind. All my questions were answered in a friendly professional manor and at no time did I feel obligated to spend any money. You even had the time to come to my home to see the room I had to build a layout. Since your original visit of march 2006, I now have two full lines running around and I am switching over to DCC (digital command). I've also started on some nice looking scenery. Thank you Peter for all your help and friendship.

“…the way he treats people is Just Train Crazy!”

I recently visited your store with my son and 5 yr. old grandson, who I think will be an avid model railroader. Most store owners regard small children as a threat to the merchandise, but you took time and patience to show him how to run a train responsibly and enjoyably and made his visit a positive experience. You even gave him a small building to add to his own layout at home.I was very impressed with your kindness; it sets you a notch above what we would normally expect of a business owner. Although I am not a railroad buff, I am definitely a booster for you and your establishment. Thanks, Pete, for such a positive retail experience. Bob

“5 yr. old grandson, you took time and patience to show him how to run a train responsibly and enjoyably”

St. Catharines